Help A Kid In Need.


    People who receive scholarships normally cannot afford a computer or instrument to take the course.

    Your donation is for them! We chip in with the education, you chip in with the computer or instrument.

    We spread the joy of music and teach those that may not have had the opportunity to learn music otherwise. We provide after school workshops and private music lessons as well as group classes. Teachers travel to the school to set up and teach the music lessons and classes, while also having time for other games and activities. We provide all the instruments and supplies to allow the students to learn their best on their instrument of choice. Thus far, we have piano, guitar, drums, voice, dj & music production lessons, and we hope to continually expand. This campaign is to help us raise funds to acquire more instruments to offer this program to more students.

    Our Mission

    KMS mission is to promote education equality to children at risk, to reduce that risk by providing a safe and supporting environment, and to achieve this education and personal growth potential through musical avenues.

    Individual risk can be defined as financial, academic, or personal circumstances that may hinder the child from receiving an equal opportunity for education. We hope to reduce this risk and create a sense of personal empowerment in these children by introducing them to musical technique, exploring music through workshops and group classes, and sharing our passion for music with them. We want to allow every child a chance to learn music for an affordable price. We want to give them an opportunity to recognize and utilize alternative sources for learning and take control of their own education. We not only strive to kickstart their musical development, we also aim to foster and create an environment in which the student can grow emotionally and individually.

    Our Campaign

    We want to collect donations to buy instruments & computers to further provide our students with the necessary resources to further develop their skills, even when lessons are not in session. Just $140 will provide one child with one month of music lessons and an instrument rental in an atmosphere to foster multifarious growth. $300 provides a child with their own instrument for years to cultivate new skills through practice with your help!

    Risks and challenges

    Concord High School is the first school for which our pilot program was tested. Last year we engaged in singular workshops and this year we began a pilot with a weekly after-school program. After a successful pilot semester, we now continue to expand and provide weekly lessons here as well as start new pilots in more elementary schools.

    At this point we are growing, and thus we require more equipment (music supplies and instruments) for our classes and for the children to use. One of our new pilots is at the KROCK Center in Suisun Ca, which is also the Salvation Army. We hope to raise enough funds to purchase instruments to start a full weekly program here soon

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    About Us

    Key Music School strives to spread the transformative power of music by providing the highest quality music education and experiences to all who seek them. At KMS, we believe music is an integral part of daily life. We offer classes for all ages and skill levels, and our community is inclusive, fun, and focused on meeting each student’s individual needs. KMS works to increase access to music education, appreciation, and performance.  


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